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Crew Training Institute | Official website of CTI (Crew Training Institute), Nigeria’s Premier Online Cabin Crew Institute.
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Welcome Onboard

We are an online training platform designed and facilitated by experienced cabin crew members to provide career services to aspiring cabin crew . We focus only on the essential information for the career path and we teach you the inside secret for the interview process to get hired as a cabin crew.
Because we have been there, we understand what it takes to be an outstanding and professional cabin crew. CTI will equip you with everything you need to know that will give you the advantage to be ahead of the pack.

Our Objectives

Providing world-class online training and support materials to enable members of the public who have interest in pursuing a career in the Aviation industry to become more knowledgeable in the crew in their chosen field/aspect of Cabin Crew.

Why Become A Cabin Crew?

Being a flight attendant is one of the most exciting career paths anyone could delve into; however, it is quite tasking and requires a defined set of skills. This is why going through top notch Cabin Crew trainings like those being offered at CTI cannot be overemphasized.

Why Take An Online Cabin Crew Course

You get to study at your convenience from your comfort zone, you can better manage your time and achieve a whole lot without quitting your other endeavors, you do not have to go through the rigors of making yourself physically present which could involve traveling long distances, they are a lot more affordable and flexible.

Join Our Next Cohort

Have you always dreamed of becoming an excellent cabin crew and travel the world for free?
Our brilliant team of professionals with quality years of experience as cabin crew on international, regional and domestic hauls can help you succeed in that dream. Lets teach you to become a professional cabin crew today. Click below and waste no time for the flight to your dream is boarding at gate cti.

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