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Crew Training Institute | About Us
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About Us


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CTI, the first online crew training Institute in Nigeria, was birthed out of the ingenuity and long-conceived dreams of Katheryn Lademo, a seasoned professional in the Aviation Industry.


She has obtained quality years of experience working as Flight Attendant at Virgin Nigeria Airways. Her role covered both regional and international hauls where she was an outstanding professional.


Over the years, Katheryn observed that a significant amount of Cabin Crew applicants in Nigeria lack the requisite training to take on the job professionally.


Many applicants have little or no knowledge of what comes with the rigorous career path as they have been highly deluded by the promises and excitement that come with the job.


Cabin Crew job is one of the toughest jobs in the world; this is why she founded CTI in 2016, in order to provide a platform for aspiring flight attendant to improve their chances at getting their dream job Also to simplify the rigorous recruitment process for airlines by pre-selecting and recommending applicants who have successfully gone through the CTI trainings and performed excellently.


Katheryn and her brilliant team behind CTI desire to help you succeed in this career. It is CTI’s ultimate goal to see you in uniform, flying the friendly skies!


We will be the most innovative and first-choice Crew training Institution in Africa by 2025.


To support the best practices and standards in the Aviation Industry, through innovation, creativity, and shared knowledge in Crew Training and management services.