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Flying in the air is the dream of a lot of people. To have a career as a cabin crew, you definitely need to undergo the most prestigious cabin crew training in Nigeria. It can be very refreshing yet not a walk in the park. If you are really aspiring to be a cabin crew in Nigeria, you must get ready to cross many hurdles along the way.

You will have to apply and be assessed physically, mentally and physiologically. You will also undergo challenging trainings which will certify if you can be fit for the job. At CTI (Crew Training Institute), you have a better chance at making it as a cabin crew as a career in Nigeria.

Let us consider some few points to note as you consider cabin crew as a career.

The Training

Cabin Crew Training in Nigeria can come in two folds. You could be trained to be eligible for the position and to be considered by the airline. You could also be trained after you have passed some tests by the recruiter. The training is mandatory which will allow them assess your skills and observe if you have the right criteria and potential to be a cabin crew in Nigeria.

In-house training can last up to 6 weeks while outdoor training can last up to 8 weeks. You must however put in your best during the training as required by the relevant authorities in Nigeria. You will need to take written and practical tests to prove your capability as a cabin crew or flight attendant.

Training Locations

At CTI, our training is done in different facilities, depending on the scope of what we hope to achieve. You could be undergoing physical and drills training at the recommended site or working on simulators or on aircrafts. We’ve got various options that would aid your training as a cabin crew

Safety Training

In airline operations, safety is the number one priority. In your safety training, you would be taught to ensure the passengers’ safety. The program includes safety demonstrations, evacuation drills, administering first aid, aviation security, the operation of equipment and more. To build a successful career as a cabin crew in Nigeria, you must have safety procedures and instincts engraved in you

Human Personality Evaluation

This is the part where we know the real you. At CTI, we will stretch you, we will make you uncomfortable and we will know your limits. We expect you not to lose your poise. We expect you to be to be well-groomed, disciplined, and endowed with lots of professionalism.

In conclusion,

It’s tough to build a career as a cabin crew in Nigeria but at CTI, we will do our best to improve your chances at that. Don’t forget the place of interaction with others who are going on this same journey with you. It’s an exciting experience.

Come on board!

October 16, 2021


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