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Crew Training Institute | Courses
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    7 Lessons

    Become a Cabin Crew at CTI This course will provide detailed information about becoming a cabin crew and a glimpse into the knowledge you will need for the profession. This highly interactive session will expose participants to cabin crew lifestyle, the role of a cabin...

  • Becoming A Flight Attendant

    0 Lessons

    The cabin crew job is a unique one which combines both work with pleasure. It is glamorous as well as rewarding and therefore makes it one of the most sought after jobs on the planet. However, 97% is the percentage of people who fail the...

  • Resume And Cover Letter Writing

    0 Lessons

    Recruiters often have to go through thousands of resumes in trying to shortlist the right candidate for an opening in a company. 
Six (6) seconds is all it takes for the recruiter to make up his mind about you.Therefore it is important that with just...

  • Interview Coaching

    0 Lessons

    What to do before you attendent an interview
, how to dress, 
what to take to the interview. We coach on everything from composure to effective response to any question. Great news: you have just been shortlisted for an interview! And after your initial excitement comes...

  • Recruitment Fairs

    0 Lessons

    What are you waiting for? Attend our recruitment fair and get that interview opportunity you have been looking forward to. Meet with the HR recruiters of international airlines for on the spot cabin crew job interviews. Its an opportunity of a lifetime! To be eligible...

  • Seminar

    0 Lessons

    Do you desire to be a Cabin Crew but feel you don’t have what it takes? Do you want to be well informed about the requirements, qualification and interview process for becoming a Cabin Crew? 
Have you dreamt of traveling the world and getting paid...