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Crew Training Institute | Hospitality
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Enter an industry booming with opportunities for advancement.

The Hospitality program at CTI  is your fast-track entry into one of the world’s most dynamic industries. Gain the skills needed for an exciting career in Hospitality both within and outside the country.  World class material written by experts, who are not only experienced in the field, but also have training skills, aids in mastering the art of true  Service.

At CTI  you will undergo a ten-week intensive training program which is not only focused on skills, but also on interpersonal relationship management skills within the sophisticated environment of Hospitality. The Training Course is based on “Role Play” and Theoretical Training which is the foundation for a professional service. The personalities, challenges, and situations we created for our students are to simulate and give them the experience of a real service. The reality is  97% of our students graduate with excellent results and 70% end up in rewarding positions provided by the institute or sources by the candidate themselves or other parts of the country!

Work Placement

Our eight-week work placement will provide students with the vital hands-on experience that is highly valued by employers. They will  Gain valuable work-related experience needed for them to embark upon an exciting career in the hospitality industry. Our internship co-ordinators provide support in securing the work placement. During the placement, they will receive hands-on experience, network with industry professionals while working under their experienced direction, and showcase their skills and knowledge. Placements provide the opportunity for employers to evaluate students’ performance

All students who attended the CTI training program have consistently given positive feedback on the successful outcome in their new work environment. The Key is to be the best in your new employment whether you are working in a Hotel, a Restaurant a Yacht or an Airline.

CTI is evidently proud that some of the hotels, resorts,  Airlines, and offices source students from our institute.