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Crew Training Institute | Our Services
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Our Services

Becoming a Flight Attendant

The cabin crew job is a unique one which combines both work with pleasure. It is glamorous as well as rewarding and therefore makes it one of the most sought after jobs on the planet.

Interview Coaching

What to do before you attend an interview, how to dress, what to take to the interview. We coach on everything from composure to effective response to any question.

Recruitment Fair

Attend our recruitment fair and get that interview opportunity you have been looking forward to.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Recruiters often have to go through thousands of resumes in trying to shortlist the right candidate for an opening in a company.

Become a Cabin Crew

Become a Cabin Crew

Want to become a Cabin Crew?

Get the E-Book!  – ” Become a Cabin Crew with Questions and Answers for the Cabin Crew Interview – A Step by Step Guide.”

30 free questions and answers

30 Free Questions and Answers

Check out the 30 free questions and answers


A one day seminar for aspiring cabin crew who want answers on how to land their dream job.